Patriot Finals Location:  SPOTSYLVANIA YMCA – 25 Meters, 8 Lanes
Spotsylvania Family YMCA
5700 Smith Station Road
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Directions: Take I-95 to exit 126 Massaponax/Spotsylvania; South on Rt. 1 (bear to the right); at the 5th light take a right onto Spotsylvania Parkway (there is a stone waterfall up a short distance on right); go 2 miles; take a left at light onto Smith Station Rd; go 1 mile the Y is on the right.

Finals will be held on 6 August at the Spotsylvania Y. 



Warm-Up Schedule

Warm Ups First Session  

Swimmers need to arrive by 7:15 AM for the First Session 

7:30-8:00 AM    

Warm Ups Second Session

Swimmers need to arrive by 10:45 AM for the Second and Third Sessions

11:00-11:30 AM


General Timeline:

7:00 – Safety Marshall, door monitors, parking attendants, t-shirt & heat sheet sales on deck.

7:00 – 8:00 Warm Ups, First Session

7:30 – RSL Reps Meeting near Scoring

7:40  8:00 Austin Ridge Warm Ups

7:45 – Assemble timers/data folks

7:45 – Timers and Officials’ meeting in lobby

8:00  Coaches meeting

8:05 – Call to Clerk of Course

8:10 – Opening, Star Spangled Banner

8:15 – Meet Starts – First Session (Events 1-22)

10:15 – 10:30 - Tentative end of First Session

10:30  11:30 Warm Ups, Second Session (This is a no earlier than start time and will depend on the end of the first session. We will adjust the timeline accordingly. Each team will get 20 minutes to warm up).

11:15 – RSL Reps Meeting near Scoring

11:15 – Assemble timers/data folks

11:15 – Timers and Officials’ Meeting in Lobby for 2nd and 3rd sessions

11:40 – Opening, Star Spangled Banner

11:45 – until approx 2:00 (until Event 43)

***Third Session will start immediately following session 2 - no break

2:00-ish – Approx. 4:00 – 2nd Half of Second Session – Events 43-66

It is the responsibility of each team to make sure its volunteers arrive on time to their assigned positions.

Spotsy Y Finals Site Layout

Additional Information

1. We will have the use of the grass area behind the YMCA for teams to use. Each team will have a designated area for their team on the lawn and you will be able to set up tents/chairs in these designated areas. The ground will be marked by 6:30 PM on Friday for each team. You may come after 6:30 PM and set up your team tents. The YMCA does not take responsibility for your tents.

2. The meet host will have a table on the pool deck by the glass doors to the lobby. Should any problems or questions arise, please come to that table and someone will assist you.

3. Food and drinks are allowed in the team areas and in the lobby of the YMCA.


5. You may hang posters and banners in your team area.

6. NO FOOD OR DRINKS are allowed in the pool area. There will be safety marshals stationed throughout the facility to ensure these rules are being enforced.

7. There will be bleachers set up in the pool area. These bleachers are to be used only to watch your children swim. Please do not plan on staying all day in the bleachers. You will be asked to move to make room for others who are coming in to watch their children swim.

8. The Clerk of Course will be outside the pool door and directly inside of the Clerk of Course pool door.

9. Announcements will be made inside the pool area and outside areas announcing event numbers to report to clerk of the course.

10. There are two sets of bathrooms in the pavilion area and bathrooms in the locker rooms. NO WET swimmers will be permitted in any other bathroom.

11. The Spotsylvania YMCA will be providing the life guards. Please remember that we are to abide by their rules.

12. First aid will be handled by the life guards. Please report to the life guard office in the pool area if any needs arise. Spotsylvania County has been made aware of our event and the need for coverage.

13. The YMCA will provide trash cans for the team areas. Each team will be responsible for taking a full trash bag to the dumpster. Extra bags will be provided to put in the trash can after you empty it.

14. The coaches will clerk their own relays. Relays will NOT go through the Clerk of the Course.

15. Spectators WILL NOT be allowed to enter or leave through the door by Clerk of the Course. This is the door at the block end of the pool. Spectators should enter and exit through the door by the shallow end of the pool.

16. There will be a small pool of water by each door. Please wash the grass off of you feet if you are not wearing shoes.

17. In the event of thunder and lightening all people are asked to immediately clear the pool deck. The YMCA gym will be available to provide shelter.

18. We are using clerk of course for the whole meet. However, during events 33-66 swimmers are required to pay special attention to what event is being called. Swimmers will not be called by 
individual names to the clerk only by event number.

19. When setting up tents, the WHOLE tent including stakes will need to be in your designated area. If the tent is not fully in your area, you will be asked to move the entire tent into your area.

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